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Miss Sydney's is a family owned and operated business originating in the foothills of the Helderberg Mountains, home of New York States most beautiful mountain range. Our products are homemade, hand packed and labeled so that just the right amount of love goes into every bottle. We have selected the finest and most flavored ingredients to use on your chicken, pork, beef, game, seafood or vegetables.

Chef A.J. is an intricate player in Miss Sydney's family. Born in India, AJ, his mother and his sister moved to America in the early 1980's with little more than $60 to their name. But more valuable than money, he brought with him his passion for the unique combination of spices and flavors that he enjoyed in India. As a young man settling in upstate New York, A.J. was unable to obtain the ingredients to replicate those family foods that he enjoyed. He then embarked in making his own recipes based on his family traditions and teachings but with new spices that he could obtain in the states.

A.J. shared this love of cooking with his family and despite the hardship that would incur his family encouraged him to attend culinary school. After working full time and attending culinary school full time he graduated with honors. Chef A.J. cultivated his talents by learning under local and nationally known chefs. He has won recognition in numerous national and international competitions.

When he moved with his own family to the foothills of the Heldeberg Mountains he rediscovered an old recipe that needed a few adjustments. Over time this recipe was served at family gatherings and other social functions. It became the focal point at family celebrations. Again with his family's encouragement, but this time with their assistance, they formed Miss Sydney's Secret Family Recipes. The formation of this company as a family owned and operated business is a life long dream for A.J.

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