Chef AJ Receives Culinary Award

Culinary Celebrations |

Chef Anand Jayapal’s recipe for a great kitchen is “spontaneous cookery dictated by instinct.” Chef Jayapal, or “A.J.” as everyone calls him, possesses a strong and admirable work ethic that has helped him to develop confidence and professionalism in and out of the kitchen.

Nothing gives him greater pleasure then to pass on his knowledge to the next generation of chefs in the work place and at home. He enjoys sharing helpful tips with high school and college students in culinary programs as well as those with an interest in spicing up their household recipes. He takes pleasure in giving culinary demonstrations and working with charity events such as the NFL Alumni Golf Tournament, March of Dimes, and the Regional Food Bank. Opening new worlds to those who want to learn is “both rewarding and essential” to him.

Chef A.J. has also taken the initiative to create his own marinade company—Miss Sydney’s Secret Family Recipes, LLC. He is working with his family to “create the next new condiment.” The formation of this company as a family-owned-and-operated business is a life long dream for A.J. and the start of a new chapter in his culinary career.

Recently, upon the request of the NYS Pride Program, A.J. journeyed to Cuba to introduce NYS food products to Cuban dignitaries, including Raul Castro. “It was an honor to represent NYS farmers and Pride members on this incredible trip. What bet- ter way to bring people together than though wonderful food!”